About the Center



The mission of the Women’s Community Center of Central Texas is to promote the well being of Texas women and girls and to build positive connections among people and organizations that do the same.


Equity – Working within a human rights framework, we affirm the inherent dignity and worth of every individual and the unique contributions they can make to the Center and the wider community.

Community – Fostering positive connections among organizations and people, especially women, and creating spaces for those connections to happen.

Intersectionality – Recognizing that women have very different experiences shaped by their race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, immigration status, and other characteristics, we commit to understanding and supporting each other.

Respect – Board, staff, and volunteers commit to listening to each other and to every person who seeks us out as the experts on their own experiences and treating everyone with courtesy and kindness.

Accountability – Board, staff, and volunteers are all accountable to each other and the community. Every person involved with the Center is responsible for doing their part to build community and create positive change for Texas women and girls.

Positive change – Fostering personal growth for women, the growth of connections among women and girls, social changes that increase women’s well-being, and the evolution of the organization as a force for these values.

Alt Girl Cinema Premiere Screening in 2015.

Alt Girl Cinema Premiere Screening in 2015.